A Little Magic Helps Celebrate 4th of July with Teenagers

This year, we won't be getting up early rushing to get a good spot on the sidewalk to watch the traditional 4th of July parade march down our small town's main street. The kids, two teenagers almost four years apart, would rather splash around the beach with their friends, hang out at the park, and in the evening, float on their friend's boats in the bay while watching the fireworks explode over their heads than get caught sitting curbside with the 'parental unit'. With two teens now, it gets harder to motivate them to celebrate this patriotic holiday with us, the parents. Well, this year they won't be with their pals because we'll be spending Independence day together at Disneyland.


Photo by Loren Javier

Courtesy of the Disney PR Team, we will be visiting Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks which I hope will yield insight on how to enjoy this national patriotic holiday with teens in general. After experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth during major holidays like Christmas, New Years and  Halloween with my pre-adolescent children, this 4th of July we'll be strolling down Main Street, racing down Splash Mountain and hanging out with our old friends Mickey and the gang — with both teens in toe.

Hopefully, I won't be coxed into riding the Tower of Terror to watch the fireworks from the top floor to prove to my young adults just how cool I am … wish me luck!

And come back to read about our 4th of July celebration at Disneyland … “What will you celebrate?”

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