SAT® Vocab Challenge App for iPod – Review and Book Giveaway!

“Grab your iPod and go study for the SAT!” I certainly never thought I’d hear myself say this to my college-bound teen since it’s usually the exact opposite coming out of my mouth during study time. Taking advantage of the widespread use of the iPhone and iPod Touch apps, a new vocabulary-building game could be just the thing to help increase any student’s SAT scores.

Modality, maker of popular iPhone and iPod Touch apps, teamed up with the Princeton Review and recently launched the SAT® Vocab Challenge, a study application for prospective SAT takers to use on the go. This innovative study game was just awarded the “Editor’s Choice Award” by the Children’s Technology Review, a leading authority on children’s technology products.

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Four timed, fast-paced games challenge the user to master 250 words and their synonyms, antonyms, definition and connotation, including the Princeton Review’s “Hit Parade”, the 100 most likely words to show up on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Using the mobile device's touch, shake or swipe alternatives, the user selects the correct answer and the app keeps track of each mastered section.The app makes “aggressive game play” out of the otherwise wrote memorization of vocabulary words and is simple to use, fast, effective, and best of all portable, which is exactly what today’s students are after; smaller, or better yet, non-existent cumbersome books to tie them to a desk!




Speaking with Robert Franek, Vice President of Publishing for the Princeton Review and author of “The Best 368 Colleges”, I couldn’t help but join him in his enthusiasm for this innovative test-taking tool. “For testing geeks like me, this application could be the way to move SAT scores, which is key to getting into college” he told me over the phone from New York. Franek is also an SAT teacher, worked as an admissions officer, and is in charge of the Princeton Review’s website:


The SAT® Vocab Challenge, at $4.99, is available from Apple's iTunes and is cheaper than a class or test prep book – certainly lighter too. A student can take advantage of idle time to learn as they play, especially while sitting on the bus, car or other transportation, when kids today tend to immediately plug into their music (during summer vacation, you can take your modern equipment to the beach and learn while you tan too!). The learning curve for this game is pretty flat given even my incoming high school freshman could use it with relative ease. Fun, addictive, easy and cool are a few words both of my high schoolers used (pre-SAT vocab mastery game, of course!) when I asked them to describe the iPhone/iPod SAT app.


I see additional benefits to this handy test tool:


·        Technology and our kids go hand in hand. It’s probably a true statement to say that a majority of high school students, regardless of socio-economic level, own some kind of technology, and not because it’s a luxury, but a necessity: laptops, computers, cell phones or iPods are part of kids’ assortment of accouterments they can’t survive without in today's technology-dependent environment. The new SAT Vocab Challenge app can fit right in with students' regular use of the favored iPod or iPhone.


·        Not all kids can afford a college test prep course, tutor or those robust Princeton Review college editions. At $4.99, and available at Apple’s App Store, practically anyone could take advantage of this new service by the Princeton Review, experts at helping students prepare for the college admissions process.


·        Swiping or shaking the devise to select the answers in the game makes it fun and interactive. Besides the four basic games, all 250 words can be accessed to find out the definition, part of speech, an example of its use in a sentence, and by touching the “listen” option, a little voice (and not your parents) will tell you how to say it!


·        The app can also help ally fears or apprehension about what is in the make-or-break college entrance exam and how it works. Frenak pointed out that an added advantage to this product is learning speed, accuracy and the process of elimination. “The [SAT® Vocab Challenge] game mimics the test taking environment incorporating the use of these skills which we teach in the classroom”.


Accessible to all, a snap to use and certainly a lighter version of any test prep book around, this new study app can be used practically anywhere and anytime. I asked Robert about future SAT related apps, and the good news is there are more in the works! After testing The Princeton Review’s new SAT® Vocab Challenge app, I’m convinced this handy learning tool will be changing the way kids and parents tackle test-prep study time.


BOOK GIVEAWAY! The frst two readers to correctly answer the following question in the comments section will win the publication titled Princeton Review's Guide to College Visits! A $20 value, yours FREE for doing your homework! I'll be verifying your answers using the SAT® Vocab Challenge app, but you can go old-school and use … a dictionary! Make sure you leave your name and e-mail along with your answers too.


What are the synonym, antonym, connotation and definition of the word Supercilious.

All four answers needed to win. Good luck!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this article! If anyone is looking for a really fun way to learn vocab, please check out:
    Teens use this website to teach each other tough SAT vocab through funny images and video (like SNL skits).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fun site! My son's going to all overt it. Let your student readers know about the little quiz here, and maybe they'll win one of the books for their parents.
    Thanks for stopping by Jack!

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