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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rocked as host of the KCA this year. Following the same blue print of past awards shows: slimy beginning building up to the ultimate slime-washed end, the green mucus was plentiful through out the show. Only a couple of eye-brow raising moments caught my PG attention. My kids noted that The Rock flaunted his “guns and abs” a little too much in very little clothes during the show. And, fortunately, Zoe 101 didn't win the Best TV Show category. I hope it was due to Jaime-Lynne Spears jumping into motherhood at the tender age of 16. Not a good example for the elementary school-aged viewers of this show, now is it?

An all animated burp contest pitted cartoon characters against each other replacing past contestants like Cameron Diaz, who looked unrehearsed and a bit stiff while presenting The Big Green Help Award to Leonardo Di Caprio. While we were disappointed at not hearing the possibly only human talent my kids could champion the celebs at, the green message about mother earth Di Caprio passed on to viewers was important, “We need all of you, the next generation, to be aware. You're the future”.

The musical numbers for the evening were the Pussy Cat dolls and Jonas Brothers. The girl group performed “When I Grow Up”, and the Oscar-winning theme song for Slumdog Millionaire “Jai Ho”. Where were the real slumdog kids who made this song relevant anyway? I shutter at the thought of this…

Queen Latifah and Josh Peck, two slimmed down version of their former selves, presented the award for Favorite Movie: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Ben Stiller and Chris Rock accepted with daughter in toe, while the camera cut away to sad-faced sis who didn't get on stage with dad.

Favorite Music Group: Jonas Brothers. A natural-curly haired Joe, Nick and Kevin accepted their award, and were well spoken and genuine as usual.

Favorite Book: Twilight Series. Presenters of this award, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman, were literally speechless after receiving a mouth-full of slime from the briefcase containing the winner's name.

Miley Cyrus was voted Favorite Singer by kids around the world. She could have also won for Most Pathetic Acceptance Speech: she cried while admitting she thought she was going to lose. I wonder why she would think that? Could it be based on her behavior during the past year?

Favorite Reality Show is American Idol. David Archuletta stole the show, and the mic, from Paula Abdul who couldn't get a word in edgewise while they accepted the Blimp.

The competiton for Favorite Movie Actress was tough: Jeniffer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Rees Witherspoon and Vanessa Hudgens. The later won for High School Musical 3.

For the slimmy grand finale, Jonas Brothers sang the chorus to “Love Bug “which released the final cascade of slime on stage, and audience, for the biggest bath of the green stuff the Pauly Pavilion had ever seen.

With Rihanna and Chris Brown nowhere insight, the 2009 KCA show was definitely for the kiddies, and except for a couple of blips in choice of celebs with questionable public behavior, it was a typical Nickelodeon production with enough slime to power a nuclear blimp.

The evening's bright orange Blimps went to Will Smith for Favorite Movie Actor, Vanessa Hudgens for Favorite Movie Actress, High School Musical 3 for Favorite Movie and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa for Favorite Animated Movie. Last year's host Jack Black clinched a blimp for Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie for his vocals as Po in Kung Fu Panda. Top TV awards went to iCarly as Favorite TV Show, American Idol as Favorite Reality Show, SpongeBob SquarePants as Favorite Cartoon, and Dylan Sprouse and Selena Gomez collected Blimps for Favorite TV Actor and Favorite TV Actress, respectively. In music, Favorite Female Singer went to Miley Cyrus, Favorite Male Singer to Jesse McCartney, Favorite Music Group to Jonas Brothers, and Favorite Song went to BeyoncĂ© for “Single Ladies”. Peyton Manning won over Michael Phelps for Favorite Male Athlete, Candace Parker for Favorite Female Athlete, the Twilight series won for Favorite Book, and Guitar Hero World Tour won for Favorite Videogame.

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