Twilight Promotes Teen Reading Frenzy

It's incredible to see teen-age girls carrying around the 500 plus page Stephanie Meyer novels and consuming them in a matter of days; over 17 million copies of “Twilight” have sold over the last few years, and I would think teachers probably wish this were the reaction to some of the reading material middle school and high school students are forced to read.

Jonas Brothers Promoting Planned Parenthood?

I've written quite a bit about the Jonas Brothers trying to stick to my blog's focus on how Hollywood and teen celebrities influence our youth. However, I have to let you know I ran across a promotion twist for the siblings' upcoming concert in San Diego, Ca. which I'm trying to evaluate whether it's a twist or if it's […]

Madonna Celebrates Obama

“This is a historical evening … We are lucky to be sharing it with each other” Madonna exclaimed after announcing to her captive audience that Barrack Obama had been elected President of the United States. In the middle of an outstanding performance, the long awaited results of the presidential election came in, and while the 50 year old music icon tried to concentrate on playing the guitar and singing, the significance of the moment overcame her.

We're History! Threats from Hollywood on Eve of Election

Auf Wiedersehen! (goodbye in German) are the last words Heidi Klum declares to the losers on her Bravo show Project Runway, and apparently will be the same parting words she and husband Seal will use if John McCain wins the presidential election.