We woke up late this morning due to a power outage in our area. Instead of our electric clock-radios going off, my husband rustled the kids out of bed since he’d been up most of the night glued to the television anxiously waiting for news on the fate of several Wall Street institutions, and consequently his clients’ investments and our livelihood.

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Many of you know that the head of our household has been a financial consultant (FC) for the last 20 years; after the 1987 market crash and 9/11 this is the most tumultuous time we’ve lived through.


“I'll knock off the light bill, Dad”, our 17 year old son proudly announced at the dinner table last night after we explained to our children how this financial catastrophe was going to affect our home's bottom line.


“Save your money, son, you might need it to help pay for college”, replied my husband in a sarcastic yet somber tone.


During this presidential campaign season, our country is fighting on two fronts: domestically and abroad. The candidates' stand on the war is clear, but neither candidate has offered a concrete solution to the latest financial crisis yet, and we hope it's coming.


My good friend Sharon Waxman reported on her blog, WaxWord , that Presidential candidate Barrack Obama is having a fundraiser with entertainment led by Barbra Streisand for $58,000 per couple this week.


Hmm … dinner and a show would be especially nice this week — a value meal by candle light and TV will have to do for most of us though.

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