There was a whole lot of shaking going on around here yesterday, and it wasn't just the 5.4 magnitude earthquake rattling my nerves. At exactly 11:42 AM when the quake hit, I was in the car being driven my sixteen year old son. More reason to tremble than you can shake a stick at!

Since our teenager got his full license in the mail a few weeks ago, he jumps into the driver seat every chance he gets. Of course, it's usually me in the co-pilot's seat, completely strapped in and hanging on at twenty nails per mile.

We definitely didn't feel the quiver driving down main street yesterday; it was my daughter's panicked phone call from her vacation spot in Laguna Niguel that alerted us to this event. A few minutes later came my husband's phone call — who had been working in his office on the 23rd floor downtown — after the building had been safely evacuated.

When they each ask me, 'Did you feel the earthquake?', I had to tell them I had not. But really, I had already been shaking for the last fifteen minutes …

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