Jonas Brothers Trio Three Times Better in 3D

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Nick Jonas plays the piano for the 3D cameras. Photo by Suzette Valle

JoBros Productions, Inc. know how to keep their fan base happy and hooked on their latest Disney prodigies: the Jonas Brothers. Fans are continually informed of the band’s up-coming activities, appearances and iTunes releases by pre-recorded personal phone calls through Say Now, text messages, e-mails and fan club bulletins. The Jonas Brothers reached out to their fans once again, and invited a few hundred of them to be part of the filming for their upcoming concert movie in 3D.

Like many households with teen girls right now, ours is all about these <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Jersey boys, and the summer of 2008 is burning up with everything Jonas! My daughter Bianca Valle and her friends Jennifer Porras, Lili Strasser and Celeste Alvarado were among the loyal fans invited to spend quality time with the band as part of the casted audience during filming for the upcoming Jonas Brothers 3D Movie (said to be released in theaters in January 2009).

Last week-end, about three hundred teen-aged followers got the opportunity of a life time to join director Bruce Hendricks (who also directed the Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie in 3D), and the Jonas Brothers for rehearsals and filming which included meals and floor tickets to both concerts in Anaheim, California. Confirmation notices for those lucky to have been selected as part of the volunteer casted audience were sent out Saturday morning before the first of three concerts scheduled for Southern California.

“I waited over a year to meet Nick, Kevin and Joe, and kept telling myself my time would come. I never imagined it would come in such a big way!” said thirteen year old Bianca Valle of her experience meeting the siblings and becoming part of their first big screen movie. 

This fan-exclusive experience at the Honda Center started at 2pm on Sunday, July 13th, with check-in and lunch for the casted audience, while watching the crew set up the stage for the concert that evening. All three brothers, and the ever-present Mr. Jonas, aka Papa Jonas, could be seen supervising the set. Nine cameras surrounded the stage and the teenagers on the arena floor that evening.


“The girls were on the floor right up against the stage. They were so close that Nick held Lili’s [Strasser] hand and Bianca [Valle] grabbed Kevin’s leg -LOL!  And Celeste [Alvarado] protected Bianca from fainting as the crowd of joyful fans began to push against the stage to get closer to the boys”, said Javier Porras of Laguna Niguel, father and chaperon for the “Jonas Sistas 4 Life” team of casted teenagers. “The excitement was overwhelming and the anticipation well worth it – the concert was amazing. We still can’t believe the girls were part of this historic moment”, he added.

Monday, July 14th, started with the casted audience checking in at 11am at the Honda Center. Fans had the opportunity to be up close and personal with Nick, Joe and Kevin as they performed portions of various songs for specific 3D shots in the movie. 

While taking a break from filming, the boys played Burnin’ Up, the single from their new album A Little Bit Longer to be released August 12th, and led the girls in a memorable sing-along which prompted Nick Jonas to quip “you are very good!”


Joe throws his glasses at the 3D camera. Photo by Suzette Valle


During this intimate moment with fans, the three siblings chatted and let their small audience in on some ‘confidential’ information about them and their song S.O.S. (Sorry, I’m not at liberty to say what this information was. I was sworn to secrecy by my daughter!)


“Nick even wished Jennifer [Porras] a happy birthday next week. Jennifer also asked Nick to homecoming and he smiled”, added Mr. Porras.  


Monday night’s concert decibel levels tripled as the Jonas boys introduced a surprise guest, Taylor Swift, who performed the same number twice for the cameras. It was a long and exhausting day, and made longer by the need to wrap-up filming of the special 3D effects in time for the concert that evening. This meant a total of about 10 hours on their feet – for the casted audience and the band!


Joe and Kevin Jonas during a break in filiming 3D movie. Photo by Suzette Valle

The Jonas’ exhaustion became noticeable when Nick forgot a few of the lyrics to “Play my Music”, and instead smiled for a moment while he recovered the tempo. Nothing escapes the attentive eyes and ears of their hard-core fans!

I’ll keep you posted on the JB in 3D coming in January!

(11/07/08 Movie release date has been moved to February)


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