Catalina Film Festival In The Wrap

This post about the 2014 Catalina Film Festival appeared on The Wrap. You can read the full story about my experience at CFF here.

Golden Globes: Handing Out The Silver Bleacher Awards

In my latest post at, read all about who said hi to us on the bleachers at the Red Carpet and who snubbed the fans at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards!    

The Wrap and Yahoo Movies – Marketing Advise for Disney: Check With Parents First

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Who Said Reality TV Is All Bad?

                      Please read the full article at The

My Dress Went to The Oscars Without Me!

Going to the Oscars is near impossible. Unless you're related to one of the nominees or are part of the Academy or credentialed press, you'll probably never see the inside of the Kodak Theater when this mother of all award shows is on. Of course, the next best thing is to have your dress go without you, right?