Complicit Parenting a la Lohan

In my previous post I put forward the idea of parenting a la Lohan, or Complicit Parenting. It's a style of parenting in which I consider parents are fully aware of the illegal activity their child is engaging in, but decide the pros are worth the risk than the cons. I'm not referring to the use […]

Lindsay Lohan Bailed Out

Things were not looking good for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan at her hearing on Friday morning after the judge sent her to jail and denied her bail. But her jailing didn't last very long. Later that same evening, another judge revoked the earlier bail denial and allowed her bondsman to post $300,000 in exchange for her release. […]

Katy Perry in Sesame Street Video

The controversy over this video is whether Katy Perry's outfit is appropriate for kids who watch this program. The age range of children who would tend to watch Sesame Street is 2 to 5 years old. This video was pulled by the network after parents complained about the wardrobe selection. What do you think? Is […]

More Lindsay-aine Lohan Drama

I gather you've had enough of this, too.  I can tell because it's been rather quiet lately.  Hardly any Twitter or Facebook updates from my usual celeb reporting outlets. No one, it seems, has dared to prominently mention her name. Why? Probably because our mouths are still agape after finding out what many thought was […]

Restaurant Review: Hip Burger Lounge Offers Healthier Burger

Are you aware of the latest Burger revival? No, not the $1 menu or no-trans-fats claims. Burger boutiques like Burger Lounge …