How Do Hollywood's Naughty Girls Influence Teens?

In spite of how diligently we try to guard our kids' impressionable minds, somehow the entertainment industry’s pressures gets by our best protective filters: Movies, TV, ads or simply standing next to glossy magazine covers at the grocery checkout line exposes our youth to celebrity lifestyles and choices. Teenage girls searching for inspiration, self identification […]

Mamafest! All About Mama.

*THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!* TICKET GIVEAWAY THIS WEEK FOR   Mamafest San Diego Friday, May 7th 6:00 — 9:00 p.m. The New Children's Museum (but leave those kiddos at home, mama) Presented by Stroller Strides with Pregnancy Awareness Month to benefit The Postpartum Health Alliance   LUNAFEST | silent auction | giveaways | goodie […]

How About Those Padres?

One of my all-time favorite movies is “Fever Pitch” with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. My family can totally relate to Ben, the main character in this film about baseball, and his obsession with the Red Sox because we were on the same boat but with a different team — we were ardent San Diego Padres fans.

Parents, Get On National TV!

A national talk show is looking for moms with air travel questions and concerns! If you’d like to appear on the program and have your question answered, please email the producers at

Sweet 15!

My little girl is a Quinceañera today!   In Hispanic cultures, when a young girl is turning 15 years old many hold a celebration akin to the Sweet 16 or Bah Mitzvah of the American and Jewish traditions. Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and South American countries celebrate this birthday as the age a girl matures into […]