Watch Out 2010 'Cuz Here I Come!

Thank you 2009, it was nice knowing you. Overall you were good to me and I’m grateful for that. I …

Separation Anxiety? Have A Lemon Drop

I finally went on a much needed Girls Night Out (#GNO for you Twitterers) with a few new delightful friends. …


The New Year is around the corner and I can’t wait for 2010 to begin! Not that 2009 wasn't a good year, but next year has a huge change in store for us. With a little luck, our oldest son will be vacating his permanent residence and rooming with a total stranger at a college […]

Merry Christmas!

TO MY READERS How do you like the Holiday layout? I decked my blog just for you, so I hope you enjoy the vibrant seasonal colors while you're here. Ice skating at The Hotel Del Coronado (photos Suzette Valle) Since it's my turn to host our family celebration, I will be off-line for the next few days. […]

What Does My Family Do Now, Tiger Woods?

Hollyblogs / Suzette Valle   What Does My Family Do Now, Tiger Woods?   December 21, 2009 — It’s tough to face the very people who put you on a pedestal, but do it By Suzette Valle As many of you know, and were probably expecting, I had to write about the Tiger Woods saga. […]