Michael Jackson RIP

Michael Jackson’s passing at the age of 50 is more than sad, it’s a tragedy, especially for those of us …

Youth Sports: Lessons Play With Your Mind and Soul

“Mom, why did coach bench me the whole game if I went to all the practices and was never late to anything?” asked my perplexed softball pitcher on the car ride back from a weekend tournament. “We lost all our games, coach only played me two innings and used the same pitcher for all three games. She was […]

SAT® Vocab Challenge App for iPod – Review and Book Giveaway!

“Grab your iPod and go study for the SAT!” I certainly never thought I’d hear myself say this to my college-bound teen since it’s usually the exact opposite coming out of my mouth during study time. Taking advantage of the widespread use of the iPhone and iPod Touch apps, a new vocabulary-building game could be […]


This summer, one of the most entertaining activities families with teenagers can enjoy together is Comic-Con in San Diego, Ca., which is also celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year.  The yearly comic book convention had its humble beginnings with the comic book industry, but in recent years, this aspect of the convention has taken a back seat to the <?xml:namespace […]


  SUZETTE VALLE My Son, the Not-Jonas-Brother School’s out for summer! Except if you have a high-school junior that is not gifted or talented like his or her Hollywood counterpart. MORE