Zero Dark Thirtly’s Torture Scenes in D.C.’s Crosshairs. Reality TV Should be too.

With only days before the Golden Globes, the symbolic gunshot that starts the Hollywood awards race, Washington is contributing to the timely controversy over violence that has elevated the profile of an Oscar-contending film. A couple of other noteworthy events coincide with news of “produced” violence with a Hollywood connection, however, none of this chatter is […]

TLC’s Stacy London at Westfield Plaza Bonita in San Diego

DISCOVER YOUR INNER FASHIONISTA AT THE WESTFIELD STYLE TOUR October 20-21 | 27-28  Westfield Plaza Bonita hosts top fashion industry stylists offering free one-on-one style and beauty transformations – with featured appearance (October 20th only) by Stacy London of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” for exclusive Meet-and-Greet Westfield Plaza Bonita hosts the award-winning Westfield Style […]

Katie Cazorla’s “Nail Files” Second Season Premiers on TV Guide Network

TV Guide Network will premier the second season of the original reality television show, “Nail Files,” starring Katie Cazorla. The program is based on the ins and outs of running an upscale nail salon which caters to a steady celebrity clientele in Hollywood. But you’d be wrong thinking this is enough for the premise of the show to roll […]

Ryan Seascrest on a Moral High Brings “Married to Jonas” to E!

I maybe the only one who caught on to this after seeing E!’s new show line up recently revealed at a typical star-studded bash in Hollywood.  But, is the entertainment network targeting a younger and morally correct audience with Ryan Seacrest’s new show “Married to Jonas?   That’s Jonas in the singular because the new reality […]

Who Said Reality TV Is All Bad?

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