Ratings Reveal Oscars No Longer Olympics of Movie Industry

The results in! The Oscars are no longer the Olympics of the film industry. The 87th Academy Awards’ viewership was down 16%, the lowest in six years. This roughly translates into 36 million viewers. The 2012 London Summer Olympics were one of the most watched on TV in history. Reportedly, over 219.4 million Americans alone […]

Award Show Fatigue Sets In Before Oscars

Fortunately, there’s only one more important awards show for us viewers to endure. If the Oscars weren’t, IMHO, the most important rewards handed out to filmmakers, I would ignore this broadcast altogether. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am already suffering from Awards Show Fatigue (ASF). Watching The Grammys this year was particularly excruciating. The significant […]

Post Oscars Tweets Leave a Bad Taste In Our Mouths

As you probably know by now, the Oscars hosted by Hollywood’s “It” boy, Seth MacFarlane, walked right up to the edge as was expected from the “Family Guy” comedian.   MacFarlane was tittering on the tight rope of funny and formal with an audience of millions across the world who probably didn’t understand half his […]

R.I.P. 85th Academy Awards – Just Call Them Oscars

This year, I am bracing for some really good laughs, gasps, defining moments, and certainly expect Seth MacFarlane to impress me in the same way when I first heard Anne Hathaway (up to then only the Princess of Genovia in my book) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) elegantly sing when they hosted the Oscars in 2009. […]

Disney Films Score 17 Oscar Nominations Inlcuding Lincoln, Avengers, Frankenweenie and Brave

Disney just sent me this great summary of all their Oscar-nominated films with quotes from Sally Field to Steven Spielberg. “The Oscar nominations were announced this morning and The Walt Disney Studios’ earned 17 nominations! Lincoln received 12 nominations including Best Picture and is the most nominated film of the year! Brave, Frankenweenie, Wreck-It Ralph, […]