Not Keeping Up with the Blog – Special Announcement

Keeping up with this blog has taken it's toll on my family and my health so I'm shutting it down.
That's right, I'm calling it quits because sitting for hours in front of the computer, not getting enough face time with human friends, and telling my kids not to bother me because I'm busy on my blog has driven a wedge between me and my cozy family unit.

NBC Sitcom “Community” Set Visit with Mom Bloggers

This show was canceled May 9, 2014 according to The Wrap. Your humble blogger had the opportunity to visit the set of the TV sitcom “Community” at Paramount Studios, and casually chat with some of the cast members about the very special Christmas episode airing December 9 on NBC.  We were also treated to a private lunch […]

Feliz Cinco de Drinko. You’re Under Arrest!

  This is a repost. Article originally published May 3, 2010. The as-yet-to-make-any-sense Cinco de Mayo celebration in the United States is this week. And, though I don’t celebrate with the same gusto as my ‘gringo’ friends, this day always reminds me of the many reasons I left my native country in search of the education […]

Does Your Kid Want To Be Like Beyonce?, founder of the popular band the Black Eyed peas, recently spoke at The Grill Entertainment Conference about how kids today don't think running Google is cool or inspiring.   At's annual conference, the singer said, “My 7-year-old niece wants to be like Beyoncé, which is cool,” he said. “She’s probably not going to […]

Family Fun at FESTA! San Diego's Little Italy Celebrates 150 years

For the love of Italy, head to Little Italy FESTA! Photo San Diego Little Italy Association Largest Italian festival outside of New York commemorates Italy’s 150th Anniversary with a celebration of Italian food, culture and entertainment. San Diego’s famous Little Italy neighborhood and The Little Italy Association (LIA) are proud to announce the 17th annual Little Italy […]