I'm Feeling Blue

“Pick your Battles,” is a common phrase many live by to keep the peace in their relationships. I've tried to uphold this motto at home by not making a mountain out of a mole hill for things like spilled milk, broken items, or lost shoes and jackets. I will, however, rattle my kids nerves if they don't watch their manners and get good grades.

Rubik's Cube Celebrates 30 Years Giveaway!

To help Rubik's Cube celebrate 30 years of challenging entertainment, I have THREE Rubik's Cubes to give away in a simple contest:

Feed the Kids for a Week, or Take Them to the Movies?

My new post at TheWrap.com. Theaters are raising their ticket prices! IMAX and 3D movies will see the real hike, of up to $3, increasing the per ticket cost to $15! I say this is like date-rape. What do you think?

Tiger, Jesse James' Role Model?

Jesse James. The name alone conjures up thoughts of rebellion, and the modern version of this infamous outlaw lived up to the moniker's heartless reputation.
Few questioned the bad boy selection by movie darling Sandra Bullock. James' rough exterior probably made us feel bad about judging a book by its cover- who are we to evaluate his character anyway?

I Wasn’t Smarter Than a Five Year Old – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a multi-part post. You might want to read Part 1 so you are fully in tune with this difficult situation. I'm sharing our story hoping you might benefit from this, and know you are not alone raising a difficult child.
The amount of resentment I had stored up against my husband was getting the best of me, and was probably the main motivation behind my effort to find guidance to deal with our willful child. I didn't have access to the Internet back in 1997-98, and still relied on word-of-mouth recommendations, wives-tales and the library (remember those?) to get a handle on our child's “misbehavior”. Needless to say, most of the advise I got was related to spoiling her; don't let her get away with it, put her in a time out, etc.