Behind The Scenes of the New Disney Animated App at Walt Disney Animation Studios

The embargo has lifted and I am now free to tell you what I was doing at the Disney Animation Studios (DAS) in Burbank, Ca on Monday, August 5th. I, along with about 30 other reporters, was invited to get a sneak-peek presentation of the new Disney Animated app for iPad. I was allowed to […]

R.I.P. 85th Academy Awards – Just Call Them Oscars

This year, I am bracing for some really good laughs, gasps, defining moments, and certainly expect Seth MacFarlane to impress me in the same way when I first heard Anne Hathaway (up to then only the Princess of Genovia in my book) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) elegantly sing when they hosted the Oscars in 2009. […]

Heelys’ New Line of Rolling Shoes and Alex Valle Rock Comic-Con 2012

Take a look at Alex Valle in Heelys at Comic-Con 2012! Very cool!  Heelys has a new line of shoes coming out this fall, and if you are in San Diego for Comic-Con, you’ll be able to see Heelys’ remarkable versatility in action on the show floor. That’s right. An adult will be wearing Heelys! […]