R.I.P. 85th Academy Awards – Just Call Them Oscars

This year, I am bracing for some really good laughs, gasps, defining moments, and certainly expect Seth MacFarlane to impress me in the same way when I first heard Anne Hathaway (up to then only the Princess of Genovia in my book) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) elegantly sing when they hosted the Oscars in 2009.

Note that I used the term ‘Oscars’ in line with the re-naming of this traditional awards show. 

That’s right. I’m almost sure you weren’t aware that this year’s 85th Academy Awards had been renamed simply The Oscars.

In a press release the AMPAS declared this year the year of The Oscars, and alerted the media to use this term in all publications.

The Oscars Website

The website has been accordingly ammended to reflect this change.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences felt like changing things up this year, perhaps to match this year’s show host, Seth MacFarlane, and his younger demo appeal.

The photo below is a case in point. This is my son, Alex Valle, working at Comic-Con and escorting Seth MacFarlane to one of his press apparences in San Diego. Youth follow him for his clever but crude comedy.

Alex Valle at Comic-Con with Seth MacFarlane

Alex Valle at Comic-Con with Seth MacFarlane

Personally, I can’t wrap my mind around this name change, although AMPAS also noted this could just be a temporary moniker, it signals there’s vulnerabilty at the helm of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards.

Is the name change to appeal to a younger audience, or to add simplicity to the yearly Hollywood recognitions?

What ever the case, I am not in favor of this flippant move. I think that at the caprice of a few mucky mucks, the name change wiped away the respect the Academy Awards have earned over the years — a merit that has come with a lot of work.

Though much maligned for the apparent self-indulgent nature of Hollywood to pat itself on the back on national television, the Oscars have secured a spot among the world’s most important recognitions.

As important as a Nobel Prize you ask? I couldn’t tell you because rather unfortunately, I have never seen a telecast of the Nobel Prizes beeing handed out. But there’s an idea! Why isn’t the Nobel Prize ceremony broadcast to the world? I wish I knew.

Nevertheless, the importance the Academy Awards have garnered around the world can’t be denied. Films today encompass many global topics and show us just how interconnected we really are.

Finally, as the messengers of these great film moments, the hosts of these awards shows can’t be overlooked either — especially since that awful Franco-Hathaway duo of 2010. That Oscars hosting gig may have been an audition of sorts for Hathaway since many of us unsuspecting viewers had no idea she could sing!

The 85th Academy Awards will air Sunday,  February 24, 2013 at 7pm E- 4pm P

Which movie do you think deserves to win Best Picture?

“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

“Silver Linings Playbook”

“Zero Dark Thirty”


“Les Miserables”

“Life of Pi”


“Django Unchained”


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