Award Show Fatigue Sets In Before Oscars

Oscars Statues

Fortunately, there’s only one more important awards show for us viewers to endure. If the Oscars weren’t, IMHO, the most important rewards handed out to filmmakers, I would ignore this broadcast altogether.

Oscar Statue

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am already suffering from Awards Show Fatigue (ASF).

Watching The Grammys this year was particularly excruciating. The significant consecutive drop in viewers proves that music’s biggest night seems to be stuck in a rut, and that includes using the same host for the last few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like LL Cool J, but even my Timehop App reminded me of his unending gig when this photo popped up of a cool moment the host and I shared on Twitter two years ago! I tweeted to him that he had used an incorrect (made up) word on the live broadcast and this is what he replied.

LlCoolJ Tweet


It’s time for The Grammys to change things up if we’re going to be tempted to sit around and watch this repetitive show next year.

I suspect the ante needs to be upped even further to entice us victims of the #WestCoastDelay to hang around after all the Social Media networks have told us who the winners are, and the best and worst dressed photos have circled the globe before the left coast can even see the pre-show red carpet arrivals.

Waiting for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary television special was also mired by the dreaded #WestCoastDelay. By the time sunny SoCal got to see the frigid red carpet arrivals in NYC go “live” on TV, we had seen the hoopla all over Twitter.

I suspect that by the time this year’s Oscars roll around, we staunch entertainment viewers will be practically burned out from  the longest and drawn out awards shows season yet.

The reason I’m even willing to stick it out for one of the longest televised awards shows of the year is simple; if you’re like most of us common folks, watching the Academy Awards has a special meaning for cinemagoers. It is gratifying to see if our theater-arm-rest critique of a movie — that we paid good money to watch — is also judged by the industry as worthy of our time and money.

Although this thinking is not how films are selected for nomination nor ultimately for an Academy Award, we movie enthusiasts like to have our opinions validated by that iconic golden statue, too.

However, the eager anticipation for the Oscars’ ceremony is seriously wearing thin. I am not excited to watch Giuliana Rancic (though I like her) and the same E! News crew ask the same questions over and over again. Why can’t they prepare questions with a little more depth for the celebs, especially for the women. Sure, “Who are you wearing?” is a traditional question. But how about asking something else like, “what was your most difficult scene and how did you get through it?”  Or, “how long did you have to hold your pee for that scene?” Or, “what did your parents think about your role in this movie?” “What book are you reading?” “What’s at typical day like for you?”

Furthermore, though I love the pomp and circumstance of the Oscars, and I love to see the fashions both men and women wear to such an occasion, I just don’t have patience for that dumb mani-cam. Please get rid of it.

Besides the televised announcements for the nominations at the crack of dawn, 5:30am PT, we’ve been summoned to our television sets by a slew of redundant awards shows.

Let’s take stock of the total amount of awards broadcasts “you, at home” are expected to plop in front of the TV, PC, tablet, or phone to watch during this 2015 awards season. This list also includes ceremonies that were only reported on the World Wide Web. (This is not a comprehensive awards list)


  • Wednesday, January 7th – People’s Choice Awards
  • Sunday, January 11th – 2015 Golden Globe Awards
  • Thursday, January 15th – 20th Critics’ Choice Movie Awards
  • Thursday, January 15th – 2015 Oscar Nominations at 5:30 a.m. PT
  • Saturday, January 24th – 2015 Producers Guild Awards
  • Sunday, January 25th – 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Friday, January 30th – American Cinema Editors’ ACE Eddie Awards
  • Saturday, January 31st – Art Directors Guild Awards

February 2015

  • Wednesday, February 4th – Visual Effects Society Awards
  • Saturday, February 7th – 2015 Directors Guild Awards
  • Sunday, February 8th – 2015 BAFTA Film Awards
  • Sunday, February 10th – 2015 Grammy Awards
  • Saturday, February 14th – 2015 Writers Guild Awards
  • Saturday, February 14th – Cinema Audio Society Awards
  • Sunday, February 15th – 2015 American Cinematographers Awards
  • Sunday, February 15th – Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards
  • Tuesday, February 17th – Costume Designers Guild Awards
  • Saturday, February 21st – 2015 Independent Spirit Awards
  • Sunday, February 22nd – 87th Academy Awards

MARCH 2015

  • Saturday, March 28th – Kids Choice Awards

APRIL 2015

  • Sunday, April 12th – MTV Music Awards

I decided to cut off the list here because, well, you get it. Handing out awards in Hollywood is an industry in its self — a year-round parade of gowns, groins, face-powder, back-patting and hand-shaking for and about the entertainment industry.

It’s not like celebrities aren’t celebrated enough during the year at red-carpets, film festivals, and other shindigs reserved for the rich and famous – we are given a healthy dose of these activities on the numerous news-style shows dedicated to reporting about entertainment.

Could there be a cure for ASF? It’s not more cowbell. The prescription is to pare down the number of awards shows and the excessive air time allotted to them.

I would be thrilled if only the major awards ceremonies were broadcast for us: The Golden Globes, The SAG Awards, The Oscars, The Grammys, The Emmys, and The Tony Awards. The rest of the fluff can take a rest.

I know my gluts are suffering from ASF, and would appreciate the break from the prolonged sitting time too.

Do you think we have too many awards shows, or do you like to see them all?


  1. Jenny says:

    ASF here too 😉

  2. Stefanie says:

    Exhausted by it all. But, like you, I will watch.

  3. BriGeeski says:

    I hear ya! I don’t get all that excited about the award shows anymore.

  4. Wait, when was it on? Lol, I do enjoy looking at fashion recaps after the fact, though.

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