Heelys’ New Line of Rolling Shoes and Alex Valle Rock Comic-Con 2012

Take a look at Alex Valle in Heelys at Comic-Con 2012! Very cool!

Alejandro Valle shows Comic-Con 2012 attendees how to rock Heelys and roll on the show floor.

 Heelys has a new line of shoes coming out this fall, and if you are in San Diego for Comic-Con, you’ll be able to see Heelys’ remarkable versatility in action on the show floor.

That’s right. An adult will be wearing Heelys!  Heelys has been making adult sizes all along.

 Alex Valle, my adult son, has been working at the comics convention for years, and knows first-hand how exhausting the distances convention-goers have to traverse to get to panels from the Hilton Bayfront Hotel to the San Diego Convention Center.

Thanks to Heelys, this year the veteran Talent Relations Team member will be rocking a new pair of Heelys with a Nano Plate, and rolling from celebrity dock arrivals to Hall H at hyper speed!So if you’re at Comic-Con, keep an out for him and especially on his quick-rolling feet — he may be zooming right by you faster than a speeding a bullet!Stay tune for photos of Alex Valle showing Con attendees the new Heelys, “the shoes which can be worn with or without wheels”.

Alex Valle Will Roll in Heelys at Comic-con 2012

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