Kendall Jenner is How Old? Whoa!

Whoa! I'm not sure I would allow my fifteen-year-old out in public wearing this.  But, if you keep up with the Kardashians, and my blog and posts over at The, then you know I've pointed out the oversexualized manner in which Kendall Jenner has been brought up living in the lens of  Hollywood.

Kendall Jenner at 13 years old. Photo by X-17.

You can also catch her career in progress on the cover of the May issue of American Cheerleader out early next month.

What do you think, is she the up-and-coming Hollywood (role) model for teen girls now that Miley Cyrus is not in the spotlight? Or, is this how kids dress these days and Kendall is simply like every other high school girl in America?


  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE that her friends (or at least I'm assuming they are her friends walking with her) are dressed like normal girls. Just as thin but wearing regular t-shirts. Will girls look up to her and want to be like her? Sure. Because she is constantly thrown in their faces.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Laura,
    Funny, but I also noticed their weight first and then the 'outfit'. And they say the camers adds 10 lbs? Hmmm

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    obviously they r going 2 the beach or a pool or coming back from it, because it OK 2 wear something like that when it comes to wearing bikinis if u c she is wearing one under it,DUH!!!!!!!!!!

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