Want Your Six-Year-Old to Learn How to Breast Feed? There's A Doll For That

This is a post I contributed to www.CoronadoPatch.com.  Hope you'll head on over there, too! The Breast Milk Baby mimics the suckling motion and sound when brought next to a sensor-equipped halter top a child must wear to nurse the doll. The colorful top has petals indicating the correct placement for the doll. Once the doll is close to […]

Review of Nora's Will (Five Days Without Nora)

Not all movie goers want action, or high-tech imagery when they go to a film. Sometimes they want to be challenged and learn something during the two-hour escapade. Nora’s Will is one such film.  Nora’s Will is an import from Mexico written and directed by Mariana Chenillo. The dark comedy is heavy on dialog – in Spanish, with […]