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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Engaged?

After disparaging public quarrels with the Palin family, Levi Johnston has changed his tune. US Magazine reported the engagement between Bristol Palin and former Playmate model and father of their one year old son Tripp, which is also wrapped in apologies. Oh, man does this take guts! Kids parenting kids in the public eye are getting to […]

Inception: The scene of the crime is your mind.

I watched a pre-screening of the movie Inception and I'm still replaying some of the spectacular scenes in my mind, like a recurring dream, with better protagonists. (Having Leo smacking people around in my dream isn't a bad way to spend the night, now is it? But. I digress.) This thought-provoking Sci-Fi, action thriller will make you think […]


TheWrap.com A sniveling Lindsay Lohan has top billing again after judge Marsha Revel saw right through her veil of tears and sentenced her to spend some time in a corrections facility. To be honest, I was a little surprised the “Mean Girls” star got the amount of jail time she did. I was confident she […]