Photo KCA 2009 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rocked as host of the KCA this year. Following the same blue print of past awards shows: slimy beginning building up to the ultimate slime-washed end, the green mucus was plentiful through out the show. Only a couple of eye-brow raising moments caught my PG attention. My kids noted that The […]

Kids' Choice not for parents – Brown vs. Rihanna

News of 19 year old Chris Brown withdrawing his nominations from Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards was well received by parents, and maybe even a few kids. Brown's nominations, submitted on-line by children for the KCA “Favorite Song” and “Favorite Male Singer”, became controversial for some in light of his recent violent behavior with girlfriend Rihanna. From on-line protests to on-line petitions, the public spoke out against these so-called role models being part of a show whose main audience are children and teens.