Giveaway: The adorable Koloreenies by Distroller have arrived!

Koloreenies by Distroller

Koloreenies by Distroller

A new special generation of Neonate Babies have arrived on earth, the Koloreenies! We’re excited about the newest addition of NeoNate babies, and we want you to have one of your own. Enter our giveaway below, and you might be the proud parent of a limited edition Koloreenie of your choice. Read on to find out more about our giveaway.

If you’ve been living on another planet and are reading this, then meet Distroller’s newest launch, the NeoNate Babies Koloreenies which landed on earth in April. These cute adoptable babies are very popular toys and require lots of TLC from their parents.

Neonate Baby Care Guide

Neonate Baby Care Guide


Legend has it that in the southeast straight away from the northeast of Neonatopia, a Nerlie species never seen before resides in the Kolorado Mountain Range. The Nerlies in this region had a lack of cutaneous pigmentation. In simple words, they were born without color, even though they had highly active hair follicles, giving them long bright hair.  One day, on their way to Neo-kindergarten, these babies came across the most brilliant rainbow and took its color and splashed it all over the mountains and on themselves! From that moment on, they were transformed into the Koloreenies! Their new kolor and active hair folicles are extra super kolorful and bright, and they stayed that way forever!

You can see the full line of these colorful creatures in this video.


We will be giving away one (1) of the special generation Koloreenies. The winner will get one (1) of their choice and some cute accessories of Distroller’s choice. All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below and complete as many actions as you can. Each action gives you more entries!

The winner will select a Koloreenie of their choice, and Distroller will include some surprise accessories to help you take care of your new Koloreenie!

Check out the full line of NeoNate Babies, and start making plans to take care of your own very soon!

Please read the Terms and Conditions for our giveaways.

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  1. Casey says:

    Hi I would really love to win this giveaway is this the way to win? But i really would love to have one and promise to be a great mother to it!! I already have bosini and orange blossom!!!!

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Hi Casey, you need to enter the giveaway by completing any of the actions on the Rafflecopter form. The more actions you complete, the more entries you get which increase your chances of winning! S~

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