Distroller® Neonate Babies Land at Fashion Valley Mall

Distroller USA

Nurse Tania helps me adopt a new Neonate Baby.

The Distroller® Neonate Babies landed on Earth, and they’re waiting for you at their new home at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. They are literally out-of-this-world cute, and ready to be adopted by a loving child!

Distroller US Flagship Store

The U.S. flagship store opened May 4th with a lot of fanfare. The Distroller® company (pronounced destroyer) based in Mexico City, are the makers of colorful, creative, and captivating products.

Virgencita Plis Amparin Serrano

Virgencita Plis Amparin Serrano

You may be most familiar with the uber popular Virgen de Guadalupe images, known as the Virgencita Plis collection, created by the company’s founder, Amparo “Amparin” Serrano. Talk about a girlboss!

Amparin Serrano at Distroller in San Diego

Distroller Founder, Amparin Serrano (3rd from L)

The story about how Distroller® was born is a funny one. Amparin created a candy (among many other things) that was so acidic, it ‘destroyed’ the intestinal fauna. They were never marketed, but the name stuck.

Here’s a translated excerpt about the company’s birth from the Distroller® website:

“Legend has it that Distroller® was born the same day as Amparin, but (seriously) the beginning of the brand was fifteen years ago. It all started with a board game called “El Picudo” (the most badass!), and the goal was to discover who was the most idiotic.

Soon Amparin created the character of Dr. Chui who cured all ailments with a line of spicy medicinal candies or chamoys. These products were so acidic they destroyed the intestinal fauna, were never marketed but served to establish the brand’s name: Distroller®

Later, Amparin started to paint gifts made by hand for her closest family and friends. Amparin’s talent and the demand for her hobby caused the birth of the formal name Distroller® under the company Amparin, S. A. de C.V.”

Para mis lectores en espanol, aqui esta una parte de la historia de como se fundo Distroller®:

Cuenta la leyenda que Distroller® nació el mismo día que Amparín, pero (ya en serio) los inicios de la marca fueron hace ya casi quince años. Todo inició con un juego de mesa llamado “El Picudo”, donde el fin era descubrir quién era el más “mamila”.

Pronto, Amparín crea al personaje del Dr. Chui, quien alivia todo tipo de males del alma con una línea de chamoys “medicinales”. Estos productos eran tan ácidos que “destruían” la flora intestinal, por lo que nunca salieron a la venta, pero sirvieron para instituir el nombre de la marca: Distroller®.

Posteriormente, Amparín comenzó a pintar regalos hechos a mano para sus familiares y amigüis más cercanos. El talento de “Amparín” y la demanda de este “hobby” provocaron el nacimiento formal de Distroller® bajo la razón social de Amparín, S.A. de C.V.

Distroller® utiliza el folclor, la cultura, lo divertido y lo triste de la vida para crear diseños llenos de color, e incluso buen humor.

La imagen caricaturizada de la Virgen de Guadalupe dio a conocer la marca en sus inicios.

Distroller® introduced their latest line of toys, the Neonate Babies, to San Diego. These cute little dolls and stuffed characters require a lot of imagination, engagement, and play time. They include Espongie, Preemies, Zygotie and Nerlie.

Suzette Valle at Distroller World with her new adopted Neonate Baby, Blueberry!

Suzette Valle at Distroller World with her new adopted Neonate Baby, Blueberry!

I attended the grand opening of Distroller® World at Fashion Valley Mall, and adopted my own Neonate Baby. But I learned that these are not just any ordinary adoptable friends. Their story is unique.

A Neonate Baby is a newborn and comes from outer space. The story says that on a routine flight around Neonatopia, their planet, they started to argue about who was going to fly the spaceship. They lost control of the ship during the struggle and it crashed on Earth where Tania, a nursing student, discovered it.

Nurse Tania is the expert in Neonate Babies, and she wants to find parents for all of them. I adopted my own Neonate Baby and love it. Her name is Blueberry since she’s, well, blue-ish.

You can help Nurse Tania by adopting your own Neonate Baby at the adoption and medical clinic at the  store at Fashion Valley Mall.

The adoption process is super cute.

  • First, you select your Neonate Baby.
  • Then you go up to Nurse Tania and tell her which Neonate Baby you want to adopt.
  • She calls down the baby to Earth, and you can watch the baby come into the store via a tube that circles the entire store.
  • Once the baby arrives, Nurse Tania takes it out of the tube, wraps it in a blanket, and gives it a thorough checkup: temperature, weight, heartbeat, and it even gets vaccines. Some babies may need to go into the incubator for a few minutes.
  • You then select a name, fill out the certificate, and you and your baby are set to go shopping for a bed, clothes, medicine, food, and other baby needs!
Distroller Neonate Baby Products

Distroller Neonate Baby Products

And the next time you’re looking for a place to have your child’s birthday party, make sure to check out Distroller® World at Fashion Valley.

Distroller Birthday Party Area

Distroller World Birthday Party Area

They offer a party space and decorate it in a super colorful way, too!

Distroller® World is located at:

Fashion Valley Mall,

7007 Friars Road, Rm 732,

San Diego, CA 92108


  1. Bloggoneit says:

    How cute is this idea! As another daughter is getting ready to leave the nest, maybe I’ll adopt my own Neonate Baby to have something to hold while she’s at school.

    I love all the colors, too!

    • Suzette Valle says:

      I hold my Neonate all the time. The larger one (the one I’m holding in the photo) has a nice weight to it. It’ll remind you how it felt to have a newborn in your arms! Oh, the empty nesting is so real. Hang in there!

  2. Shannan Basile says:

    Can you purchase these online. We live in New York and my daughter is dying for one!

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Hi Shannan, I don’t think you can buy them in New York yet. They are also working on the online store.

  3. Simone Hulin says:

    Hi can we buy neonate dolls online? Can you please send me information. We live in Chicago. Thank you

  4. A Teague says:

    Wanting to order one online can you help me ?

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Hi, as far as I know they don’t have an online store yet. But they are opening another store. You can find out where on their website. Hope this helps!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi I live in Scotland I am looking for this for my girl what is the website cannsome one help x

  6. Joseline says:

    Hi! I live in Massachusetts and I just bought one for my daughter on Mercari

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