What It’s Like To Get Lash Extensions – A Total Splurge!

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The Amazing Lash Studio in San Diego specializes in eye lash extensions. I got them, and here’s my experience.

If you know me, or you’ve seen photos of my eyes, then you know I’m blessed with pretty long eye lashes so I’d never considered getting lash extensions, until I was offered the opportunity to try them at the Amazing Lash Studio in Mission Valley.

If you’ve considered getting that long and glamorous lash look, I recommend that you read about my experience first so you’re prepared for this delicate and time-consuming beauty treatment. It is not a painless procedure.

Lash Studio

The Amazing Lash Studio in Mission Valley is a beautiful, modern and chic place. As soon as you walk in for your 90-minute appointment (yes, it takes this long to put on these incredible lashes) you’re greeted with a glass of Champaign or Mimosa.

This is a before photo of my eye lashes.

Lashes Before

After you sign a release form and agree to some terms (which you should read), you’re taken to the all-white esthetician’s room. This is what happens next

  • You select the look and length of the lashes from four styles: Natural, Cute, Sexy, and Gorgeous. I selected the Gorgeous. Your first full set is $79.99. After that, they offer fills and add-ons — which do add up!
  • Before the process started, I was asked if I was allergic to a few things, which I’m not, but I have extremely sensitive eyes and I told my tech about this.
  • After placing a very uncomfortable thing called the eye gel pack on my bottom lashes, it was time to get those babies glued on.
  • A few minutes after the procedure was underway, I felt like the eye gel pads were poking my eyeballs. It was very uncomfortable, so the tech removed them and taped down my bottom lashes. This provided some relief, but not entirely.
  • Though the tech asked if I was comfortable throughout the process, I was anxious about the stinging in my eyes. But I stuck it out.

After lashe extensionsAnd these are the lashes without any mascara. They’re really gorgeous! They are supposed to last from 3 to 4 weeks.

Instructions given to me verbally after the appointment included no water on the lashes for the first 24-48 hours. The After Care instruction pamphlet said to brush and wash them after that, but they were not specific enough. I called the studio 24 hours after my appointment to get some help with the redness and discomfort I was still feeling in my eyes. This is what they recommended:

  • Wash the lashes with anti-bacterial soap. To do this, get a drop of soap and a drop or two of water between your fingers and rub into foam. Apply the foam on top of the lashes gently brushing it downward with your fingers.
  • Rinse them off like you would after washing your face.
  • Pat dry very gently.

Ahhh! I felt relief a few minutes after I washed them. I also lost about 10 lash extensions after dong this, and they have fallen at a rate of five per day in the five days I’ve had them on.

Lashes After

In the photo above, taken two days later, you can see my eyes are a little red. The procedure itself does not hurt, but I felt some discomfort in my eyes during and after the procedure. It seems it was related to the glue — apparently my eyes were too sensitive to the glue’s fumes.

They sent me home with a nice gift bag with useful items: Lash and Brow Gel, and a Gentle Face Wash.

Lash ALS Gift Bag

So far, I love that I wake up and look like I’m ready to hit the road; no curling, no mascara, and no eyeliner needed.

I think this is something I would do again, but I’d save it for a super special occasion since I don’t want to make this an everyday-look for me.

Thanks, Amazing Lash Studio, for this gorgeous look!

If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions, do it! I love mine. Just ask questions before and after the procedure, and make sure you understand how to care for them.

Have you had lash extensions? What was your experience like: love them or leave them?

Disclosure: I was offered a complimentary set of extensions in exchange for this review. All opinions are always my own.

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  1. Abby says:

    They look really pretty! I’m sorry the procedure was uncomfortable. I did feel a little stinging as the glue was being applied, but it wasn’t bad.

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