Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Charade

The ink hasn’t even dried on the marriage certificate and the so-called reality-TV star, Kim Kardashian, filed for divorce over the weekend.

But really, the recent news of the Kardashian-Humpries divorce after only 10 weeks of wedded bliss only makes one think, ‘what took them so long’?

I don’t know about you, but besides the age difference, Kris is 26 and Kim is 31, from the outset I thought Kris Humphries was just not enough man for the self-centered, money-fixated Kim. Moreover, the title of the E! wedding show alone was ominous and should have been enough to clue us (and them) in on what was coming.  It wasn’t “Kris and Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” nor the “Humphrys-Kardashian Nuptials”. It was “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding.”

The tramp married herself!

Could the very short-lived Kardashian fairytale wedding be setting yet another record? As reported by The Wrap, the cost per day of this sham wedding was an estimated $250K!

Sheesh! We were just barely catching our breath from the effrontery the Kardashian nuptials displayed with the over commercialization of one of the most sacred yet abused traditions of our time: matrimony.

But, who are we kidding? We know Hollywood doesn’t believe in marriage as an institution, but rather just another (ab)use of this ritual to one-up each other with parties, sets and dresses.

However, I have to hand it to Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) for setting the bar. Developing the most conspicuous made-for-TV wedding, and pulling millions of Kardashian-addicted viewers into watching the ad-riddled “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” show was just plain genius. Just in case Seacrest, I think you should be getting ready to answer the question about fraud regarding this fiasco.

Unless, of course, the ex-couple or RSP will also gain from televising the divorce proceedings. Not surprisingly, as of this wrting it was reported that Kim Kardashian has already booker her first sit-down interview which will include her sister Klhoe.

In the meantime, this has to be the most elaborate sham marriage in the history of television, and this travesty could open the door as yet another business model for entertainment industry —  it’s better to have nice fat coffers and thinly veiled morals in the name of business.

Come to think of it, the irony of this Kardashian reality-TV charade could be the ultimate expression of our capitalist society losing touch with reality.  I suspect that the addiction with this family’s antics and reality-TV have reached a new low with this shameless throw-away marriage.

Appallingly, the media had a field day comparing this fake marriage to the Royal Wedding.  Ha! I certainly didn’t hear the BBC comparing the Kardashian trash to their royalty. Did you?

Kim Kardashian’s televised wedding show was staged down to the last eyelash, but fortunately, the jig us up and it was just that, another crass television show.

Now that’s it over, let’s change the channel, shall we?

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