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It's that time of year! The deadline for high school seniors to submit final decisions about which college they'll be attending in the fall is this month.  However, if you have a rising junior you might find this guest post helpful.  Louise Baker writes about online schools for Zen College Life. She graciously offered to gather information on colleges and majors related to the entertainment industry for my Road to College Series. Hope you find it useful! 

Schools and Majors for Students Interested in a Career in Movie and TV Production

There are many different aspects of producing a movie or television show, some including directing the film, writing the screenplay, creating 3D animation, putting in different sound effects, and actually filming the movie itself. All of these different aspects require a different college degree. Colleges all over the country are available to better prepare you for a career related to movie and TV production. Here are some of those schools and the different fields you can major in at each school.


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New York Film Academy

This college's main campus is located in New York City. However, there is also a campus in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. They have film production workshops available all over the world where people can learn how to professionally produce a film. This school provides Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, and Master's Degrees for several different majors. Their most popular majors include Filmmaking, Film Producing, Cinematography, Broadcast Journalism, Documentary Filmmaking, and 3D Animation.

University of South Carolina

This university has eight campuses across South Carolina and is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed in their career. Their majors related to film include Film and Media Studies, Film Production, and Media Studies. Students have the option to obtain a Bachelor's Degree and then continue with their education to receive a Master's Degree. These programs are oriented around hands-on professional experience.

The Los Angeles Film School

This school, located in Los Angeles, specializes in the fields of films, games, animation, and audio. Those who are interested in the production of animated television shows and movies should look into this school. Students get a chance to bounce their ideas off of other students and create their own films that are displayed on the university's website. The film program they have available is an Associate of Science in Film degree. This program will prepare you for a career in film production and get you ready for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

New York Institute of Technology

This college has two campuses, one in Manhattan and one in Old Westbury, New York. This school has a program that is specifically for those who are interested in a career in animated movie production. With a degree in Computer Graphics, students will learn what it takes to use computer technology to create and produce animated movies, cartoons, and television shows.

Movie and TV production is always a growing industry that is looking for new and creative producers to come up with something fresh and exciting. These schools are designed to help students get in touch with their creative side and use it to make movies that are unique and interesting to watch. Hands-on experience is the key to becoming a TV or movie production professional.

Thanks, Louise! She also recently wrote about the best place to get a medical coding degree.

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