Racial Slurs and Coarse Behavior from Palin Siblings

If TMZ's Harvey Levin is correct in his predictions that Bristol Palin will win “Dancing With The Stars”, then I'll have lost all faith in the show's voting process. This star-crossed result would smell pretty fishy to me — more like Alaskan King Salmon! — especially after the obnoxious behavior Bristol and her younger sister, Willow, demonstrated earlier this week.

Willow, 16, and Bristol, the un-wed 19-year-old mom, stooped very low after engaging unknown Facebook “friends” in a tirade which included racial slurs and very offensive language coming from potential First Daughters.  S#&! and F@?_!,  along with other crude expressions, were used on a number of FB status notifications as the siblings united against the faceless criticisms which started after a negative remark about their mother's new reality show: “Sarah Palin's Alaska.”

In the age of Internet security and proper online behavior, including the notion that what is online is adding to your public reputation, this tops the list of public figures abusing their persona to belittle others.  I wonder if the Alaskan politician's daughters missed the exit sign leading to the high road in this instance? Or if Willow and Bristol felt so entitled that they needed to wield their wrath on those criticizing them?

Some would like to excuse this obnoxious incident by saying it's poor teenage judgment — and that might well be the case. However, the Palin teenagers getting sucked into this utterly disgusting behavior leaves much to be desired, especially coming from a family who could end up leading our country.

By the way, where were their parents — their 'people' — when you needed them? Oh. Right. They're filming useless shows to get more exposure. Is Sarah Palin already parenting like a reality-show celebrity?

In the land of second chances, let's chalk this one up as stupid behavior and a good example of what not to do when your parent's are working hard to get the public to like them so they can become Presidential candidates. However, I have a message for these unconstrained girls and their mother: Avoid engaging in more of this coarse social behavior or you will validate it for many others who may think that since you are famous, you must be doing something right.  And, mom, please pay attention to your girls. This was not only unbecoming of possible First Daughters, but leaves us wondering where were you when all of this was going down?  Keeping it real, I guess.

Bristol Palin apologized for this incident: “Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family,” and added, “The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy.”

What would you do if, like Sarah Palin, discovered your kids had behaved this way? Send them to bed without supper?

This Facebook document obtained by TMZ is nine pages long. If you want to read the complete thread click here. This is an excerpt, and use caution, very foul language ahead!

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