Good Bye American Idol! Will I See You Again?



Lee Dewyz American Idol 2010 winner. Photo Credit Micheal Becker/Fox

American Idol was worth watching last night if anything for the popular retro acts that graced the Nokia's stage and took most of us middle aged (What?)  viewers down memory lane; Alice Cooper, Bee Gees, Hall and Oats, Janet Jackson and Chicago made me get on that time machine and recall freer, less complicated times. William Hung and Pants on the Ground provided the comedy relief we like to see during an otherwise tense show — plus, they plain have guts to do what they did on national television, again.

The pace and variety of the show were good with one or two blips which could have been better planned or rehearsed: Simon Cowell's lengthy good bye tribute, and Paula Abdul's strange monologue.

It could well be that Simon was the reason many tuned in to watch American Idol; he didn't mince his words and was sometimes brash, curt and publicly insensitive with many of the AI wannabes who dared to face him. Personally,  I think Cowell actually said what many of us sitting on our sofas, mouth agape, were thinking about some of the strange auditions we were subjected to.  Perhaps this would explain why the tribute, which spanned the entire show, was merited.

Paula Abdul's appearance, supposedly a surprise, certainly seemed unrehearsed and unsupervised and could have used some polishing up before she went on stage and confirmed what many already think about her strange personality. I wish she could have come out and spoken more eloquently and avoided any cheap jokes like, “there's a baby in the back with Simon's hair cut…” which in my view lessened others opinion of her — in spite of this setback, I still love and admire her talent!

As for the contestants, it couldn't have been more obvious that Lee Dewyz was America's, and perhaps the producers, choice due to his mass appeal over Crystal Bowersox — similar to Adam Lamberts case. Though I've read unconfirmed reports that the difference in votes was only 2%, it still looks like we prefer the clean cut look over a versatile voice.

Overall it was a great production, but the clincher for me was seeing and hearing Bret Michaels whom I hadn't even heard of before his Celebrity Apprentice stint and health issues. Bravo to this courageous performer!

Will I tune into to watch AI now that Paula and Simon are gone? I probably will just out of curiosity. But. It will be up to those who fill the two big empty chairs to keep me coming back.

What did you think of the show and will you watch American Idol next season sans Abdul and Cowell?


  1. Anonymous says:

    I will certainly tune in, but I know I will miss Simon desperately! He added so much to the show! I was bummed when Dane Cook got cut off and that they brought back William Hung to ruin the Pants on the Ground song which I thought was really fun until he joined in. I loved Lee throughout the season but thought Crystal has the better voice. I'm mostly happy it's over since that means SYTYCD is here. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought Hung's 15 minutes of fame were over! They resurrected him for only another five because it doesn't look like William has gotten a clue since his national appearances a few seasons ago, does he? He still told the judges how he's not had any formal singing instruction.
    Really? We couldn't tell!
    Nice to see you 'round these parts Mama Mary!

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