What Does My Family Do Now, Tiger Woods?

  • — It’s tough to face the very people who put you on a pedestal, but do it
  • As many of you know, and were probably expecting, I had to write about the Tiger Woods saga. Instead of writing two posts, one for my blog and another for TheWrap.com, I decided to do a single post and send it in to see what other people besides my loyal readers, friends and my parents would think.

    It took me sometime to dig deep and figure out how I felt about the ugly mess Tiger's put himself and his family in, and the result of my pondering is a polarizing piece!

    Go ahead, read and weigh in.

    My post at www.TheWrap.com about Tiger Woods: What Does My Family Do Now, Tiger Woods?



    1. Anonymous says:

      I read this on digg that after cheating on his wife at least with 14 other females, Tiger Woods looking for reconciliation gave her a 300 million $ gift (half of his wealth)

    2. Anonymous says:

      While I can't verify if this is true, it would sound reasonable to me!

    3. Anonymous says:

      I think that everything is possible in life …. since a mistress is a sure thing there will always be room for another mistress .

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