We all know that moms want nothing more than to see their kids grow upstrong and healthy.  Most parents are keenly aware that exercise and diet play a fundamental role in achieving this end, but many still don’t know about the health risks associated with eating genetically modified (GM) food.  Did you know that we’ve […]

NEW POST AT THE WRAP- Shanna Moakler wants to be a role model?

My latest post over at touched a nerve. Come on over and read what all the fuss is about. You can also come back and get a discussion started here! I welcome all points of view, just remember to keep it PG.     SUZETTE VALLE Role Model? Shanna Moakler is In Serious Denial […]

Help Connor Fundraiser in Coronado

Four year old Connor is sick. His family is having a fundraiser on May 17th to help with the costs …

AP News Reports On Slumdog Child

Slumdog Kid's Shanti Demolished

Fifty Mothers Honored by Time Warner Cable

“There's a reason 'MOM' turned upside down spells WOW” states Haven Nisly at the beginning of the essay entitling mom to be selected as one of Time Warner Cable San Diego's 50 Best Moms. Over 3,000 essays were submitted, but only fifty mothers were honored at this annual community event which has been inspiring elementary, middle and high school kids to reach deep […]