Jonas Brothers 3D Movie Premier, all out FANDAMONIOUM on the Red Carpet!

It was all out ‘Fandamonioum’ at the premier of Disney’s “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” in Hollywood last night. Over 100 screaming teenagers, winners of a Disney on line contest, lined the red carpet waiting to have a personal moment with the famous trio. During check-in, the lucky fans were given purple t-shirts, a grilled cheese sandwich courtesy of event sponsor Kraft, and were asked to wear the shirts along with their biggest grins as they watched, chatted and took photographs with celebrities there to support the Jonas Brothers in their silver-screen debut.

Big Rob, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas on the purple carpet for the 3D Premier

Photo Suzette Valle

Picking the lucky 20 to go in to the movie with the Jo Bros. Photo Suzette Valle

The Jonas family arrived together, and after stopping at each press station, they went back to their fans and took time to greet them, almost one by one, until it was time to disappear into the El Capitan Theater for the show. During the lottery they held to pick 20 girls from the red carpet to accompany them into the movie, Kevin, Joe and Nick also took time to thank the throngs of fans behind barricades and a top the Hollywood and Highland complex for being the best fans in the world.

Yours truly waving.

While I enjoyed a birds-eye view of the arrivals for the Jonas 3D Premier, my teenager was on assignment on the red carpet with her fan-cam. She took as many photos as possible with celebs who would pause at her request, but as she quickly learned, this is not easily accomplished.


Photos Suzette Valle

As only the Jonas family can do, the premier was all about family, and that bond was warmly transmitted to a fan by Denise Jonas, mother of the Jonas siblings, who gave Bianca Valle a grateful kiss for being a dediated fan. I asked Bianca what she did to deserve a kiss from the famous mother and she said, ” I don’t know. I just called her and asked if I could take a picture with her. Then she turned around and kissed my cheek. All I can tell you is that she had that motherly feeling, and I felt like crying after that because this is probably the way she kisses her boys too!

Keeping with the wholesome theme of the evening, Demi Lovato, guest star of “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” and her younger half-sister, Madison Delagarza currently appearing on Desperate Housewives, were among the teen celebrities at the premier. Taylor Swift, who also stars in the Jonas movie, was absent from the evening’s festivities.                       

Little teen reporter Valle was on her toes when George Lopez, a beloved personality in our household, walked right past her and ignored her petition for a photo op. Instead of recoiling, she loudly repeated a line from one of Lopez’s comedy skits, “George, I have a pain in my chest …!” The Mexican-American comedian quickly turned around, walked right up to her and asked if she wanted to take a picure with him. She snapped away, and then Lopez held her arm and said “Gracias” (Thank you). Quick thinking Valle!

For Jonas fans, the wait is almost over. The movie opens in theaters nation-wide at midnight this Thursday. The Jonas Brothers also made a very special announcement at last night’s premier. They will be going on a one week-end whirl-wind tour surprising fans at movie theaters across the country … in person. Do you have your tickets yet? Fandango is already reporting sold-out shows in many cities!

Thanks to photographer Tricia Cazaz, NBC Online posted a special photo she took at the “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” premier. Look closely for the photo of the superfan!

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