'Sex and the City' Friendships Revisited

While admiring the fabulous wardrobe those beautiful friends paraded in “Sex in the City”, the movie also dared me to compare my friendships, and I quickly realized that I could easily replace Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte with my own gal pals; realistically set in ordinary times with our ordinary clothes (besides, some of those dresses were just too haute couture for my more traditional ready-to-wear taste).

I am fortunate to have friendships that have lasted over twenty-five years, and still going strong! We all have those precious friends who stick with us no matter how much time goes by between visits; they are a phone call away or an e-mail away, and when we do get together it's as if no time had gone by at all. We don't need cosmos to oil our tongues because a conversation between friends is never over!

The difference between the “SATC” buddies and mine is that not only are we older (sorry to say this girls!), but we are certainly wiser. Our dream-driven conversations centered around boyfriends, careers and marriage before we reached these milestones. After that, the talk is all but about those things since almost all of us have children now. 

As new moms our powwows were about sleep, bottles, sleep, diapers, sleep and the lack of it! Then we progressed to pre-schools, gardeners, car-seats, movies, relatives, wall-paper, paint, ballet, t-ball, Barney, Belle and Disneyland. 

Later we would compare parties, clothes, make-up, concerts, clothes, boys, girls, cooties, clothes, PG-13 movies (what a farce that rating is!), the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana (how much were those tickets?), and more clothes – we obviously have girls, right? 

A few years later the chats go a bit like this: “He turned 16? When? That makes me feel old! What car is he getting? College? You're looking into colleges already?!!” Bring those cosmos now, please! 

I'm certainly lucky to have reached this stage in life with my friends solidly by me. And while I enjoyed the levity of the message the “SATC” movie delivered about friendship, I left the theater wondering what these great friends will be doing a few years from now. Will they still be able to afford those great clothes or walk in those awfully high heals? Or will another reality hit and have them trading in their designer duds for the J. Crew and Gap garb of motherhood?

We'll just have to wait to find out what happens with these glamorous girls when we revisit their friendship perhaps in a sequel?



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