Move Over Miley! Make Room for the Squeaky Clean Jonas Brothers

Move over, Miley Cyrus. The Jonas Brothers are the new kids in town!

If you haven’t heard of the Jonas Brothers by now, you probably don’t have children or cable television. They are the most popular pop band to hit the Disney line up in recent years, and they have shot to fame seemingly over night.  Kevin, 20, Joe, 18 and Nick, 15 grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey and attended Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey.  They are the sons of Kevin and Denise Jonas, he is an ordained Christian minister and she is the “Chief Birthing Officer” according to their talented offspring. The three brothers sing, write their own music and play several instruments. They have released two albums, and have a third one scheduled for release in August of this year.


Jonas Brothers Photo by S. Valle

Jonas Brothers Photo by S. Valle

The Jonas Brothers is the name of their group and also the title of their second album. Their music is catchy and their looks engaging, but their most notable attribute is their exceptional family values, a characteristic which has been sorely lacking in today’s young rock groups. This family does not hide their faith or their faithful commitment to remain pure until marriage. Their public display of purity rings has become a fashion trend – along with their signature tight pants and vests – for the tween aged set. The trio is affecting millions of girls who are already mesmerized by them in more ways than parents have seen in quite some time: pop music with firm values. Who knew this could be done? Their parents knew, of course.


The steady decline in the content of lyrics our adolescents have been exposed to in recent years stands in stark contrast to the clean, fun and age appropriate themes reflected in the Jonas Brothers songs. Harking back to the good old days when parents did not have to become the household music police (along with the fashion police after Britney Spears assaulted the teen age scene), they herald a new age of pop music; one without obscenities or parental advisory tags boldly printed on CD covers.


This respite for parents on music patrol is due to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas whose unwavering family values and spiritual backbone have helped maintain their young boys on the straight and narrow path to success; no late night parties, clubs or wild shopping sprees. Not yet, you say? Take a look at other young celebrities’ activities and you’ll find the most notable issue is their over-exposure in the media in the course of their daily lives: conspicuous consumption, party-mania and over-exposed skin in the press. So far, evidence of this behavior from these siblings has not been found (but the paparazzi are still looking!).


The Jonas Brothers were part of last year’s Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds tour where tickets, reported, were selling upwards of $2,000, and parents were flocking to ticket outlets. Given the recent negative press surrounding the 15 year-old Hannah Montana star wrapped in a bed sheet, it remains to be seen if her fans will re-direct their attention to other non-controversial role models like the Jonas Brothers.


In the meantime, the high demand for the Jonas type of wholesome family entertainment is evident by the record time it takes for their concert tickets to sell out. According to, the trio set a record for the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in January of this year selling out in two minutes. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of concert tickets, you’ll not only see screaming teen-aged girls in the audience, but plenty of parents singing along to every song too!


The Jonas Brothers’ aptly titled debut album,  It’s About Time, is a refreshing and safe musical influence the Disney crowd can unconditionally support.


So, move over Miley…and take your sheet with you!

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