Hollywood Moves That Benefited Youth in 2011

Before 2012 starts to highlight what’s wrong with Hollywood (and we know there’s plenty of that) it’s worth recognizing some things Tinsel Town did that we might consider an improvement.

Hollywood managed to do some good this past year, though it’s difficult to realize this when the Kardashians are blinding everyone with their glowing skin and growing wallets. And if they keep spawning Kylie, Kendall and Mason won’t be the last of the Klan we’ll have to keep up with for the next decade or more.

But I digress.

It’s customary to make “The Best Of” lists at year’s end, and it’s much easier to list the negative or the bombastic when it comes to celebrities. But this time Hollywood deserves a (light) pat on the back for getting somewhat back on the straight and narrow path when it comes to youth and pop culture. I’m not referring to charity work or donations, but moves that may influence our youth in a positive way by either removing someone from the public eye or not interfering in their private lives.

In no particular order, here are my selections for some positive moves Hollywood made to improve its influence on our young society’s values:

5.  Has anyone heard from Miley Cyrus? I think she was recalled for too much underage bumping and grinding.

4. Kevin Jonas is still married and we haven’t heard a peep either way about the Jonas Brother’s wedded bliss.

3.  MTV’s SKINS was canceled. Whether it was due to the PTC or public outcry against the lewd program, the pressure on advertisers to pull out worked in favor of protecting kids from being exposed to someone’s sick idea for a show.

2. Jersey Shore cast members went to college. Well, sort of. Snooki got paid by Rutgers to inspire their alum, and Vinny showed up at Columbia University to also motivate a class about anti-bullying. (These events are not real accomplishments, but news of the decline in viewership of this horrific show is!)

1. Lindsay Lohan and Charile Sheen are out of jail and have been relatively well behaved by Hollywood standards. No news is good news, I say!

The sarcasm you detect is there and glad you noticed it. Though some of these events may not be a considerable shift away from bad shows and behavior, they are only a small sample of a positive move in the opposite direction.

So what do you think?

It’s likely I may have omitted other noteworthy Hollywood moves that benefited society as a whole in 2011, so if you have your own please add them to the list below.

Happy New Year!

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