Comic-Con 2010 – What is “TRON's” Legacy?

After three years of visits to Comic-Con, patient fans of Disney's “TRON” will hear the final pitch for this long awaited sequel (28 years!), and if the hype surrounding “TRON: Legacy” is justified. 


Cast of TRON:Legacy at Comic Con 2010 (S. Valle)

Making their last appearance in San Diego at a closed press conference at the Hilton Bay Front to promote the futuristic film about life where computers swallow people into a videogame-like reality, it was all smiles and laughter between the film's stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner — both actors are reprising their roles from the original “TRON”– Olivia Wild, Michael Sheen (“Frost/Nixon”, “New Moon”), Garret Hedlund and directors Joe Kosinski and Steve Lisberger.

The group seemed quite satisfied with the vision and direction provided by Hollywood newcomer Kosinski, an architect-turned-director in his first major directorial film. However, at ComiTron the protagonists were careful not to reveal too much of the plot except to reiterate that this is a sequel made to stand alone, and that a major part of the plot involves a father-son relationship.

The original “TRON” motion picture was considered technologically forward when released back in 1982; the lighted suits, ring games, light cycles and grid were conjured up in the imagination. All of these iconic props are back in the sequel and have been updated to match, or perhaps surpass, our imagery of the future.

Olivia Wild mentioned that the special body-hugging space outfits they wear in “TRON: Legacy” have integrated fiber optical lighting that when turned on made a sound which drove the sound crew crazy, and caused the director to have to first instruct the actors to light up, and then call “action!”

Besides getting a feel for the cast's camaraderie, we got a glimpse of both directors, past and present, sitting side by side with only a generation gap between them — a gap filled by the technology one was dreaming about three decades  ago, while the other has practically lived with it his entire life.

At the press conference I (The Wrap) asked Steve Lisberger, director of the original “TRON”,  what the legacy of the movie “TRON: Legacy” would be for the new generation of fans. Will it be the innovative technology used to make this movie, or is it the movie's message?

Steve Lisberger said, “The difference was that when we made the original movie, all we had to do was dream about what technology might do, but we really didn't get involved with what the technology would do.

As time went by, we've know reached the point where John and Joe (Kosinski) and their generations have had to make this real.

Technology is all about bringing people together. Supposedly. Now, there's a sense that technology has a dark side that keeps us from connecting with each other. And I think this film examines that problem.”

(You can watch the YouTube video for this part of the press confrence here)

Essentially, it sounds like the anticipated mega blockbuster “TRON: Legacy” will not only be heavy on the technology front, but might also carry a weighty message alerting this generation to the possibilities and perils of the technology-dependent culture we have become since the first film — a very current theme given our love-affair with machines.

The movie is scheduled for release in December in 3D and IMAX, and has also been encoded for D-BOX.

Regarding 3D, when Jeff Bridges was asked what he thought about the added dimension to “TRON: Legacy” he quipped, “Perhaps in the near future we won't have to wear the glasses, we'll just be able to take a pill.”

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