Got Moral Hangover?

I was stuck by dreaded snot bug this week-end, and reluctantly spent the day ambulating between the couch and the bed to try to recover as quickly as possible (rest and fluids were prescribed my dear husband!). I honestly tried to be productive and traded off reading “Julie & Julia -My Year of Cooking Dangerously” (saw the movie, had to read the book), and watching the History Channel while incessantly clearing my nose of the never-ending stream of watery mucus. But, going against my principals I sat my tuckus down and also channel surfed for a good part of the afternoon – tapping the numbers on the remote took all the energy I had left in my hands after all the blowing and tissue-tossing.

I'd had enough of the back-to-back doomsday Nostradamus shows on the intellectual cable station, and feeling a bit frivolous I let the TV rest on E! for the always entertaining “The Soup” (don't you just love Joel McHale?). After a “Shock and Ewww” special segment of “The Soup”, I also took in the week-end wrap-up of this sarcastic Hollywood program. It didn't let me down either – no one is safe from the critical McHale eye! And Seacrest, you better be on your toes because Joel is on your tale!

At any rate, the delightful criticisms of the week's lowest points of television programing Joel mocked were followed by an even lower category of shows I had not indulged in quite a while – and now I remember why.

The Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kourtney and Kim  are now in Miami  (WTH?) on their own and showing the world more than their home-grown education (ahem!) or lack there of. An out-of-wedlock pregnancy, romping with total strangers and drunken-vomit stupors all in front of the cameras made me wanna barf too! Ugh! The physical hangovers these chicks had on television gave me a moral hangover of college proportions. Mommy Kardashian must be so happy these girls are gone so she can now concentrate on properly raising the two little Jenner-Kardashian mademoiselles still at home.

After much head shaking, I left the channel on and caught “Under the Knife: Celebrity Plastic Surgery”. Oh, my goodness! LA must be overflowing with blood and plastic surgeons since these body-altering programs continue to crop up! Flesh, fat and falsies frolicking in front of millions of viewers is not considered entertainment as I recall.

After I came back from draining my head of the cold virus' nose gel, the next show was already on: “The Girls Next Door”.

Nugh said.

Fortunately, both my husband and my teens walked in and out of the house all day with various activities and friends, and took little notice of my mindless Saturday afternoon HD spree.

The moral hangover I got from watching the senseless meanderings of so-called Hollywood A-listers lingered for a while until I climbed into bed, grabbed my Aloe-coated tissues, and tuned in to “The Learning Channel” (TLC) to, well, learn something.

Educational fail.

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