We're History! Threats from Hollywood on Eve of Election

Auf Wiedersehen! (goodbye in German) are the last words Heidi Klum declares to the losers on her Bravo show Project Runway, and apparently will be the same parting words she and husband Seal will use if John McCain wins the presidential election. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the foreign power couple threatened to leave the United States if the Republican emerges victorious.

Heidi Klum and Seal

As far as I know, neither of them is a US citizen so they can't vote. Or is this a tactical move, as suggested by the LA Times blog, to persuade Seal and Heidi's fans to vote for Obama? Whatever their reasons are for uttering this ultimatum, I'll  be very glad once this election is over. And I hope it's a decisive win so we don't have to suffer through the shenanigans of hanging chads and the courts having the last word on this process.

Speaking of goodbyes, I'll be distracted for a good part of this suspenseful evening — especially during those crucial last hours before all the polls close and we're down to biting our fingers — because I'll be at the Madonna concert at PETCO park. This, for me, is an event of historic proportions too. After all, The Sweet and Sticky Tour might be her last as Mrs. Ritchie, and since she is 50, who knows, it could be her last.


Do you care what Seal and Heidi do if Obama doesn't win? I'd be curious to see who Klum's replacement would be on Project Runway if she did leave … any suggestions?


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