Finding Dory Family Activity Sheets. Movie in Theaters June 17!

Finding Dory in theaters June 7, 2016.

Finding Dory in theaters June 7, 2016.

“Finding Dory” Family Activity Sheets.  The movie will be in theaters June 17!

Have you seen her? Disney is getting ready to release “Finding Dory,” the long-awaited sequel to the 2003 animated feature, “Finding Nemo.”

Can you believe we first met Dory 13 years ago when she helped Nemo find his dad? Actually, it was the other way around — Dory helped Marlin find his clownfish son, Nemo. You can read more about this beloved film in my book, “101 Movies To See Before You Grow Up.”

Ellen DeGeneres returns to voice Dory along with an incredible voice cast that includes: Ty Burrell (Modern Family), Ed O’Neil (Modern Family), Albert Brooks as Nemo’s father, Marlin, Diane Keaton, Idris Elba, Kaitilin Olsen, and Willem Dafoe.

Voice Cast for Finding Dory

Voice Cast for Finding Dory

In advance of the movie hitting theaters June 17, 2016, you and your family can join in the excitement with these Finding Dory Family Activity Sheets provided by Disney.

Download the PDF documents to get the best results when you print them for your family.







Are you excited to watch “Finding Dory” in theaters this summer? I know I am!

Finding Dory June 17, 2016

Rated PG

Runtime 1 hour 39 minutes

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