Coldplay’s Martin Wears Global Citizen for Super Bowl 50

Beyonce and Chris Martin Global Citizen SB50

Beyoncé and Chris Martin Global Citizen SB50

Coldplay singer Chris Martin wore a Global Citizen armband during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show.

Chris Martin of Coldplay sported a Global Citizen armband in support of his role as ambassador and curator for Global Citizen, the organization committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030 and best known for the annual Global Citizen Festival in NYC.

Every minute of the SB50 broadcast was dedicated to influencing our future purchases. From Doritos to Budwiser, and esurance to domestic violence, there was nothing subliminal about the multi-million 30 second spots.

Martin, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars SB50.

Martin, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars SB50.

One modest yet powerful ad was on singer Chris Martin’s sleeve: Global Citizen. His ambitious mission is to end extreme poverty in 15 years.  Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve!

We saw him reunite with Beyoncé, fellow 2015 Global Citizen Festival headliner/Chime for Change cofounder, who is dedicated to women and girls’ equality.

Fellow performer and activist, Beyoncé, joined Martin and Bruno Mars center stage during Sunday’s SB50 super energized halftime show.

Their performance together symbolizes that Global Citizen is not just an annual Festival but a 15 year movement to eradicate poverty. It also demonstrates the dedication of the incredible artists we work with.

Find out what Global Citizen is about, and join the fight to end poverty and inequality at



  1. I love that there are some super stars who see the opportunity to make a difference – this is an extreme goal – but it is totally attainable. Grateful for you highlighting this Suzette since I did not know they were involved in this organization!

    • Suzette Valle says:

      I think most of us only know about the game, the ads, and the halftime performers. I’m glad I was made aware of this cause via their PR people, and so glad I can pass this information on — it really does humanize the Super Bowl a little bit. Thanks for the kind words, Joann!

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