Disney Gets in the Ad Game During Super Bowl 2013

Unlike the list of Super Bowl ads I previewed for you last year to help you avoid any wardrobe-malfunction type stunners with the kiddos watching the game, I chose to point out Hollywood’s presence during the famous and pricey commercial air time.

This years Super Bowl Sunday will feature a new slate of jazzed up movie trailers intended to sell you a movie ticket (at least it’s not junk food!). Though some films won’t be released for a few months, Hollywood knows that creating  a buzz (not the kind you get from a beer can) for a film can never start too early.

So here’s my list of film trailers to watch during the big game.

A special clip (below provided by Disney) of Disney Studios’ upcoming film OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL starring James Franco and Mila Kunis will air during the game.

“Here’s a sneak peek at Walt Disney Studios’ OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL commercial which is set to air during this Sunday’s game. Be sure to check out the witch and all her power as she takes over the Disney.com homepage immediately following the commercial on game day.”



Johnny Depp as Tonto in a redo of  THE LONE RANGER will also make an appearance in a special clip during the Super Bowl ads. (Clip provided by Disney).

The sneak peak is set to air during this Sunday’s pre-game show.


Of course, I saved the best for last. IRON MAN 3, with Robert Downey Jr., will also be premiering a blockbuster trailer you won’t want to miss!

 Iron Man 3 Poster


Enjoy your chips and dip during the Super Bowl, and let your eyes feast on the amazing movies Disney has in store for you and your family!

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