Comic-Con 2012 Highlights — Vampires, Lightsabers, and Muscle Men

Hey, my loyal  geekeratti! Mamarazzi Knows Best pounded the pavement with the masses at Comic-Con this year (in sensible shoes), and was able to hit up some impressive press conferences and panels.

Fox 5 San Diego’s Heather Ford and Suzette Valle at Comic-Con 2012

 And if you think I don’t get star struck, think again because I could hardly contain my excitement when I was in the same small room with Stan Lee and Luke Skywalker himself, Mr. Mark Hamill!

Mark Hamill and Suzette Valle Comic-Con 012

Stan Lee, the 88 year-old king of comics, is still holding court at Comic-Con. This year, he brought an impressive collection of collaborators to introduce his new YouTube channel, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. You should check it out because the content on the video site will satisfy all your inner geek needs. You can also read more about Lee’s new project in my articles on The

Stan Lee And Mark Hamill Shake Hands at World of Heroes Comic-Con 2012

Next up, was a gathering with the vampires and a few hundred other reporters in a small press conference with the cast of  “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.”

Stephanie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lauter at Comic-Con 2012.


 Author Stephanie Meyer lead Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Green, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Rease, Jason Rathbone, and darling child actor Mackenzie Foy among others in this intimate gathering with reporters at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.

Robert Pattinson at Breaking Dawn Comic-Con Press Conference

Taylor Lautner at Breaking Dawn Press Conference at Comic-Con 2012

 “The Expendables” have become indispensible! At least this is what a few 6,500 screaming fans had to say when Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzzenegger, Terry Crews (no pectoral display this year!) and Dolph Lundgren walked on stage.

My favorite part of the panel is the fan who imitated the Governator’s accent when he asked him a question. How bold was that!


Finally, my day ended at “The Expendables 2” glizty party at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Float rooftop pool area.

Suzette Valle at IGN’s “Expendables 2” Party at Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego


Many small and big screen stars were walking around among us mere mortals, so I nabbed a couple of shots and conversations.






The young man in the photo with me was so nice! He took my camera as I attempted to take his picture, and instead he took one of us. I had no idea who he was (my bad), but later I was told he is Lucas Till and played Havok in the film “X-Men First Class.”

Lucas Till, ‘Havok’ in ‘X Men First Class,’ and Suzette Valle at Comic-Con 2012.

Lucas Till at “Expendables 2” Party in San Diego

Jason Trost and Max Landis (“Chronicle”) son of John Landis at “Expendables 2” party for Comic-Con 2012. Photo S. Valle

The coolest girls I met at the party, after one of them spilled champaign all over my Tory Burch bag (gasp!), were two “Twilight” actresses who appear in the final installment of the series. Judi Shekoni will play “Zafrina,” and Marisa Quinn (who attended Brown University) will become “Huilen.” They were also in a group of 28 vampires who surprised fans camping outside Hall H to see them at the panel. You’ll see them as vampires when the film opens November 16, 2012.

Judi Shekoni and Marisa Quinn will appear in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

That’s it folks! I will post more tomorrow when I have more to tell you about this year’s EPIC Con!


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