Comics, and Artists, and Stars. Oh, My! Tim Burton at Comic-Con 2012

Preview Night at Comic-Con 2012 was not as crowded as other years. It was also better organized, and the lines to register flowed quickly and efficiently.

One unexpected surprise for this humble blogger on the first day of the convention, was stumbling into none other than Tim Burton! The “Alice and Wonderland” director is in San Diego to promote his upcoming Disney film, “Frankenweenie.”
















Fortunately, I was somewhat prepared with camera and Flip on hand to capture the surreal moment! Take a look at the video of this serendipitous encounter.


By the way, this film happens to open on my birthday, October 5th!  Thanks to the kind folks at Disney Media for providing me with the trailer for “Frankenweenie” which  you can see below.




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