Parents Super Careful With Kids Watching The Super Bowl

Gathered in a room full of families with kids of all ages, the unexpected happened. Something that would change the way this particular show would be viewed from that day forward.

After audible gasps and jaw-dropping disgust, our unsuspecting guests got an eye-full of Janet Jackson’s breast after Justin Timberlake pulled off her top in what was later infamously called a Wardrobe Malfunction.

But it was too late to erase the image of the sun-shaped pasty covering the singer’s private part.

Since this skin-baring incident, Super Bowl half-time show organizers have clamped down on edgy content and have gone to great lengths to give G Rated audiences some peace of mind leading up to this part of the big game’s entertainment line up.

Madonna is this year’s entertainer and she already appeared in a press conference reassuring football fans that she’ll be keeping her half-time show clean since her own children will be at the stadium in Indianapolis.

However, the same can’t be said about the equally famous ads that run during the championship game.

Mindful parents need to keep an eye out for the age-inappropriate images and messaging that will be taking place between fumbles and touch downs during the Super Bowl commercial breaks; ads featuring sex, beer, and fast cars with junk food thrown in there for good measure will take the filed trying to leave their mark in your minds, too.

Listed below are what seem to be the top offense-ive players of this year’s 30 second game-changers:

1. – The domain name giant will be pushing the envelope with two ads. In one, exercise guru Jillian Michael’s draws tattoos on a semi-naked model.

2. Anheuser-Bush – The cute ads will be pushing beer down our throats as if it water. Just ask your kids about the frogs or Whassup? and they’ll know what you’re talking about.

3. H & M – David Beckham strips down to almost nothing. This one is for the ladies.

4. Teleflora – Angel super model Adrina Lima will remind fans it’s not too late to order Valentine’s Day flowers. This should get the men in your life pumped up to get on the phone and order flowers for her, ahem, I meant for you, the lovely wife.

5. Kia – The car maker gives us a second dose of Victoria Secret model, Adrina Lima, waving a checkered flag. I couldn’t ascertain if she’ll be waving it or draped in it.

What’s a parent to do?

The best thing we can do is to watch the game and the ads with the kids, and if they are old enough to memorize understand a commercial then discuss the content with them.

Of course, the’ll be ads that will make us go awwww, or crack more than smile. The talking E*Trade babies are back as are the Volkswagen commercials. The most hyped up ad this year goes to Mathew Broderick’s revival of Ferris Bueller — I hope it lives up to it.

Now, practice switching your thumb between the change-channel or mute buttons in case there’s tender little ones running around on game day and something malfunctions during the Super Bowl — don’t let it catch you off guard!



  1. Lynnee says:

    Such a good pre-play-by-play for us to consider during the commercials (even though I am commenting after the game). I have become pretty fast with the thumb changer – while also educating why I am changing the channel.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Hi Lynnee! I watched the commercials and only a few scenes were kind of sketchy. I thought that MIA giving everyone the finger was so low class! Hope you enjoyed the game and thanks for stopping by!


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