The Phantom Returns in Love Never Dies at the Civic Theater in San Diego



Before we go on to reveal the cast of Love Never Dies, let me share my Andrew Lloyd Webber story with you. One evening after work, a colleague and I decided to go to Raffles in the tony borough of Chelsea in London. You’ll recall I lived in the United Kingdom five years back in the 80s, at the height of Lloyd Webber’s hit musical, Cats.

As we sat at a tiny table for two at the banquet stretched along the back wall of the restaurant, I causally glanced over at the gentlemen sitting next to us. I dropped my fork along with my jaw because I recognized the bold eye brows sitting on a familiar face. It was Andrew Lloyd Webber himself!Technology wasn’t portable nor discreet back then, so I couldn’t take a selfie or a photo, and I didn’t have pen and paper handy to ask for a signature — it didn’t help that the napkins were linen at this swanky place. I could barely chew my meal, and had to control my staring until we left.  For a theater buff like me, it’s a moment I’ll never forget!

Lloyd Webber’s epic musical The Phantom of the Opera is a classic. For those of us who were left wanting more, Lloyd Webber brings us his new production, Love Never Dies.

Love Never Dies is a dazzling new production, which takes audiences on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of intrigue, obsession and romance. Audiences will be seduced by the beautiful; sometimes magical and poetic; sometimes joyful; and occasionally melancholic score. Don’t miss this magnificent continuation of one of the world’s greatest love stories, The Phantom of the Opera.

Cast Revealed for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies

Lloyd Webber said he knew about five minutes into seeing its first run-through that he and the new production team had achieved something special. “I have the great joy of being able to say that I think this production is probably the finest one I could ever, ever hope for.”

Direct from the highly successful production of Love Never Dies in Hamburg, Germany, Gardar Thor Cortes will portray the man behind the mask, ‘The Phantom,’ with Meghan Picerno as ‘Christine Daaé,’ Karen Mason as ‘Madame Giry,’ Sean Thompson as ‘Raoul,’ Mary Michael Patterson as ‘Meg Giry,’ and Casey Lyons and Jake Heston Miller sharing the role of ‘Gustave.’ The trio of Phantom’s henchmen include Katrina Kemp as ‘Fleck,’ Richard Koons as ‘Squelch,’ Stephen Petrovich as ‘Gangle,’ Gardar Thor Cortes is appearing with the permission of Actors’ Equity Association.  The Producers gratefully acknowledge Actors’ Equity Association for its assistance of this production.

Music Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics Glenn Slater

Book Ben Elton

Based on The Phantom of Manhattan By Frederick Forsyth

Additional Lyrics Charles Hart

Orchestrations David Cullen & Andrew Lloyd Webber

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