Meet the New Distroller Alushhhes and Win One of Your Choice in Our Giveaway

The Alushhhes are here! The cute but mischievous creatures have arrived at Distroller, and we want YOU to take one home with our giveaway.

So, you must be asking yourself, what’s an Alushhhe?

The Alushhhe is a very special magical being, just like Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. The Alushhhes are a mixture of fairies, wizards, elves and trolls that come from a super cool magical world known as Chiquity Boom Town. These magical creatures have come to the human world with an ultra-special mission: to promote good-vibe-ness. Did we mention they LOVE pulling pranks?

The magical creatures are a combination of all of the marvelous characters mentioned above with a touch of Elf on the Shelf for good measure. *wink*

But their mission is very specific; they were created to bring “good vibes” to the world! No small feat, but with every child’s help, promoting good things like good behavior, respect, compassion, or anything that can help make YOUR world a better place helps the Alushhhes do their job.

How does this work? It’s really simple. Each Alushhhe works mysteriously behind the scenes in each child’s home; they watch their every move hoping to catch kids doing good things, or bringing “good vibes” to their world. When a child does something good, a spectacular Rainbow Pass will appear. A parent might hand it to their child, or it can show up in a secret spot: under the pillow, in the child’s lunchbox, or at another surprise place. A reward will be written on the back of the Rainbow Pass. These rewards can range from earning an extra scoop of ice cream to getting permission for a sleep over.

A Blocker Pass is even more special because this pass can stop punishments from even the most demanding parents. However, the Blocker Pass can’t be used to prevent punishments that go against spreading good deeds. So, if a child didn’t eat their broccoli (yuck!), he/she can whip out the Blocker Pass to be excused from the table without any repercussions. (Why didn’t this exist when I was a kid. I hated Spinach!)  And the best part of the passes is that parents can’t say no to what the pass entitles you to do. Ha!

Before you can play with Alushhhes, you have to wake them up from a deep trance since they aren’t awake when you first meet them. 

And you can only do this by making a special AlushhhiCake. Yeshhh!

With the help of Mom or Dad, use the Alushhhicake activator kit to wake up your Alushhhe from their tranced and hypnotized state. You must eat the cake you in order to create a magic bond with your Alushhhe.

The Alushhhes also have some fun accessories you can get to make their stay at your home more fun.  The Doorminator is the biggest little portal ever! The Alushhhes magically shrink to go home to Chiquity Boom Town and visit you through The Doorminator so they can pull pranks without anyone noticing (shh!). They also like to decorate their Doorminator, and you can help them do this with these cute Dorminator decorating sets!

Now that you know why the Alussshes were brought to earth, it is imperative that each child has their own! Enter the giveaway below, and you could be selected to choose any Alushhhe you want and have it sent to you. Yes, it’s that easy. Just make sure you read the Terms and Conditions, too.

Good luck!




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  1. Alice says:

    I love it! We do the Kindness Elves and it’s the same concept.

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