Royal Wedding a Royal Pain?

The last few months have been great for US celebrity news. Everyone from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan have taken a back seat to coverage of the upcoming British Royal nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and I've loved every minute of it! 

Photo courtesy of LATimes

Maybe you're done with the royal hype, but this wedding-watcher can't get enough of it. 

Why? Because the focus is on something not only regal, but refined — something our royalty-receiving celebrities lack all too often.

With reality TV being the unrealistic representation of the lowest common denominator of our current society, the House of Windsor can't get more genuine than the unscripted story of a bona fied prince marrying a commoner — a real-life fairy tale.

William and Kate are some of the few people in the media who can be considered high-quality role models for UK, and perhaps other youth to look up to as well.  They paid their dues growing up in very different lifestyles, went to college, and though they may have taken some missteps along the way, to outsiders they seem to have hardly gone in the wrong direction on their path to maturity and adulthood.

I'll be sad after the Royal celebrations are over, especially because it'll be back to business-as-usual for our star-stalking media and the focus will again turn to our not-so-majestic role models like Kendra Wilkinson, the Kardashians, and … oh, I almost forgot!

Celebrity news outlets might even try to answer the most pressing question on our minds these last few weeks: What has her royal pain highness, Snooki, been up to lately?

Hey, inquiring (US) minds want to know!

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