Light posting everyone. I'll be traveling a bit, but not too far!

I'll be taking some one-gas-tank trips this week, and attending the filming of the upcoming Jonas Brothers 3D movie. I …

Josh Peck

Is this Josh Peck pictured just a few months ago at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards? My daughter took this and …

Nick Jonas at the Piano Sings A Little Bit Longer for 3D Cameras


Privileged Fourth of July!

On this busy day full of patriotic activities with friends and family, it behooves us to take a step back …

SAT Prep Course + Summer Job + Staycation= Smart Kid!

While summertime is in full swing in our sunny southern California corner of the world, our teenager is having his own version of summer; preparing for tests, working and vacationing at home will be all the summer fun under the sun he'll be having! As a junior in high school this fall he faces the most challenging time of his academic life.